Chief Executive Officer

About Béla

Béla first founded the company with his former business partner, Mr. Krisztián Pálmai in 1998 out of a passion to provide technology software solutions to make banks and financial institutions to run with greater efficiency and grow quicker. Prior to this, Béla was an IT engineer for Inter-Európa Bank before moving to a global core banking vendor.

Since then, with a deep knowledge of how banks work and their technology challenges, Béla has been developing and implementing digital lending solutions in the cloud to help traditional banks stay competitive and support neobank innovation.

Béla holds an engineering degree from the Óbuda University, a top technical university in Hungary, and an MBA from Corvinus University of Budapest. Béla’s sporting passion is fencing and is a former Hungarian fencing champion.

CEO and Co-Founder of ApPello; a digital lending platform specialist providing a comprehensive solution within the banking ecosystem.

He is married, father of 2 children.

Mr. Béla Vér is member of ApPello Team since 1998