4+1 benefits of the Retail LOS

Mariann Harrison

4+1 benefits of the Retail LOS

Are clients’ needs so hard to satisfy?

Let us give you a glimpse of how ApPello’s Unsecured Retail Loan Origination can help you achieve your goals!

Aim to provide the smoothest client journey! Offer a solution that suits your customers the most: omnichannel approach is supported by our tools to ensure that not only E2E digital customer journeys, but hybrid processes are also available in case your company serves the more traditional way. Discover ApPello’s Unsecured Retail LOS that combines a self-service onboarding portal (e.g. completed by e-signature and facial recognition features) with an ergonomic back-office system tailored to your product variations.

Client expectations can be met more easily! Try to provide the fastest and most accurate offer with our flexible solution, that can be adjusted to the customers’ needs and the rapidly changing banking environment. Parameterisable screens, dynamic fields, and easy-to-amend business rules will let you outperform competitors. It also allows you to re-think your existing product portfolio or processes even on-the-fly with no IT experts involved.

We believe that client experience is the key to boost your lending. Cover the smooth customer journey from the start of the application to the disbursement with one solution, to make sure your clients get money as fast as possible. Our loan origination system offers a handy customer portal that guides through the lending process without asking the customer to walk the extra mile. Explore our customer onboarding functions, online document management toolset, and further advanced front office options; let ApPello’s solution do the work!

Discover what resources might be needed to fulfill the clients’ satisfaction! An easy-to-use self-service platform? A quick eligibility calculation? Let your clients drive the process and use the hints given by them. Our solution ensures adopting an unlimited number of business logics – such as best product offer, scoring, and evaluation. ApPello’s system can be implemented easily, so you can focus on the customers by offering a smooth application.

Drive your business goals by turning customer satisfaction into client engagement! Offer more than an average loan application by our customer portal with built-in convenience functions, 360-degree customer and product overview, highly optimised time-to-decision, and time-to-money periods.   

Provide the best impressions about omnichannel banking and make your customer come back! Click here and discover our Unsecured Retail Loan Origination System: https://appello.eu/unsecured-retail-loan-origination