Account Management

Mariann Harrison

Account Management

This fully automated Account Management System will provide competitive advantage to our client

We were contacted by an international (card) payment provider, that needed a banking solution for their services, focusing on bank account management, account transaction management, and related services. With this they want to build a more comprehensive and complex service package for their customers, allowing them to grow and develop extra services in the future, based on the account management system. As a solution, we offered our core banking service, a uniquely flexible system developed by ApPello, a fully automated cloud-based account management system with a bank account, savings account, and lending functions, 24/7 online operation.

Further details about our Core Banking solution:

Due to working from a distance, all the meetings, developments, and configurations were done remotely. The online space did not cause any disadvantages, and as a result, it saved time, making the work more efficient. Our partner’s development department has Ukrainian roots, so the war in Ukraine had an impact on development, business continuity, and collaboration. Our partner was able to reallocate colleagues, allowing work to continue as planned safely.

The services have been implemented in our partner’s system and UAT (User Acceptance Testing) is currently in progress. Our colleagues, developers, business analysts, and testers, delegated exclusively to our partner, provide continuous support during the UAT phase, facilitating rapid response and the implementation of changes made as quickly as possible. After this phase of the project, the system will go live, and we will continue to assist our partner in case of any change requests, improvements, or new requirements.