AI Business Forum 2023

Mariann Harrison

AI Business Forum 2023

Business Conference on the Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence!

AI is undoubtedly the current technological sensation. Everyone has heard of it or will soon hear about it. It is here among us, rapidly emerging in diverse fields as remote as medical diagnosis, precision agriculture, and corporate human resources.

You can experiment with it, play with it. It possesses astonishing capabilities, though it is not infallible; it must be used wisely, with caution. You can converse with it in human language, it answers challenging questions, translates from one language to another with surprising accuracy, writes articles, compiles documents, recognizes complex situations, and programs, and can summarize complex technical texts.

Where does the practical application of artificial intelligence stand today?
Where is it already being successfully applied, and how much does it enhance work efficiency?

What can it do in marketing and advertising, personnel work, innovation, automation, communication with customers, logistics, production processes, integration of corporate systems and processes, and administration?
What are the conditions for successful implementation?
Where do risks arise, and how can they be managed?

At this thematic conference, we primarily seek answers to these questions, while also addressing the compelling question that concerns many: what changes can artificial intelligence bring to the labor market, who is at risk of losing their jobs, what new knowledge and skills are required, and, most importantly, what should we learn from this new world?

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