Valuator System – Part#1

Mariann Harrison

Valuator System – Part#1

ApPello Valuator System – Part#1

The tendency of massive loan allocation may have come to an end, but it – according to the upcoming trends, caused by the turbulent times lately – will not allow the real estate market go dormant. Although the driver of these buy&sell mechanisms might be different from what the market has seen in the recent years, real estates related transactions will continue to be an active part of the 2020s.

Change of times

The tendency of growth within the last few years, the huge real estate investments, developments and answering the growing demand might totally turn upside down. However, selling or buying a property – in order to pay a mortgage back or handle delinquent loans – causes the urging need to have an efficient Valuator tool, that help your Bank to keep up with the numerous real estate related challenges.

The importance of understanding

Many years in the Banking (Software) industry have resulted a popular and widely used Valuator tool by ApPello. Working together with Banks and Real Estate experts helped the creation of a product that supports various needs and areas – and we are not even limited to deal only with real estates. We did not stop at serving the traditional bank-side needs, but we also built up a mobile application to ease the valuators’ everyday work.

Movables? Not a problem!

Although most valuation processes focus on actual properties, ApPello Valuator System does not stop at here: in case your Bank deals with movables, this software package will offer you the helping hand. All non real estate products and related processes can be introduced to the software and managed easily.

Workflow driven

We find it very important to focus on workflows, that allow the designers (experts) and the end users to have the process as smooth as possible. If you have your existing workflow or you wish to create new ones, the Valuator tool ensures the most effective working methods. Completed by a built-in Workflow Engine, ApPello Valuator System assist you to evaluate exactly what and how you want.

After giving you some hints about the Valuator tool used by Bank employees, we invite you to read about the external valuators’ useful mobile app functionalities.

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