Valuator System – Part#2

Mariann Harrison

Valuator System – Part#2

ApPello Valuator System – Part#2

Now we change the point of view of ApPello Valuator!
As the System is not limited to be used by the Bank, we find it crucial to have a solution that is not only accessible for view, but can be actively used by the valuators as well.
Meet a few of the most important functionalities, possibilities and features we pumped up ApPello Valuator System with.

Access granted

ApPello Valuator tool is designed to be used by different parties: the Bank, of course, but – and we believe it is the majority – the Valuator companies cannot be the exception from this. With the well-designed authorizations and user management, the System supports external or internal valuators, administrators, bank employees, and product experts to work on the same case, according to your processes’ requirements.

Don’t be late

Making an appointment for an on-site evaluation (and checking if that has happened in time) is made smooth and easy. All kind of internal and external notifications are available in the System, that ensures the easiest communication (this includes reminder messages as well). Managing of contacts is also supported.

Any obstacles?

Having problems related to on-site expections is common. However, handling and reporting these are not always easy to deal with. ApPello Valuator System supports the valuators (inspectors) to react as soon as possible. The mobile application, that is designed primarily to be used during on-site visits, supports the users to report if a location is not correct or if the visit fails for any reasons.

Maps also matter

When mentioning obstacles, in some cases it is incredibly hard to find a location. Different kind of data sources might end up in misled inspectors. It is important to apply integrated map-solutions, that functionate on many ways (it helps in orientation, address/location actualization and checking in from an inspection, – strictly if it is supported and enabled by the applicable rules).

To see what our desktop and mobile Valuator solution are further used for, don’t hesitate to book a call with us!

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