Cashier system goes live…

Mariann Harrison

Cashier system goes live…

Cashier system was successfully launched

We are glad to announce that the new Cashier system was successfully launched at one of the Tier 1 Banks in the CEE region on Monday, 26th of June 2023 without any major issues.

This Bank selected our Cashier system over two other leader system providers.

ApPello Cashier System

The scope of our task was to upgrade and redesign our Cashier system to accommodate the fusion core banking systems simultaneously. The new bank’s strategy is to maintain the few previous original core banking systems until the implementation of their new, future-proof CBS is completed.

Starting from Monday, our system has been deployed across 500 branches, serving 1,500 cashier users. We are currently operating smoothly, processing approximately 15,000 transactions per day. We are in the middle of the babysitting period, providing production support and addressing any issues that arise.

We are delighted to report that the project was completed well and we went live with zero errors on the ApPello platform.

Implementing a Cashier system is undeniably one of the biggest challenges in banking IT. The slightest mistake can bring the system to a halt, resulting in impatient customers and negative publicity on the internet. This is a nightmare scenario for any bank’s management and software vendor. However, thanks to the bank’s and our professional attitude and meticulous approach, we successfully navigated these challenges.

Well done!