Corporate LOS goes live!

Mariann Harrison

Corporate LOS goes live!

Corporate Loan Origination System goes live!

On the third weekend of March 2023 we had our biggest test in this year, our Corporate Loan Origination System goes live at one of CEE’s regional leader bank.

We invested thousands of man-days into innovative UX/UI design and flexibility toolset we kneaded into one of our knowledge gained in the corporate banking field during the last 20 years. Due to the flexibility toolset, almost 100% of business logic is in our decision engine or in the dynamic screen builder. These parameters can be modified according to the market needs without programming even by the Bank’s employees.

From Monday the Corporate SME bankers will utilize one of the most complex workflows ever built by ApPello: the main flow contains 250 steps from proposal until disbursement, which is extended by dozens of sub-workflows and more than 40 service calls to external systems.
ApPello’s cutting-edge corporate loan origination system (LOS) for financial institutions, installed in containers, uses minimodules and microservices.

The LOS is designed to streamline not only loan origination processes, from application to disbursement, but aftercare and monitoring processes.

After this weekend we will have a “moderate” party and we will continue with the design & parametrization of large corporate LOS functionalities.

Trends of Corporate Loan Origination System

As we do more Corporate Lending related projects, we can feel the changes in this business segment. The loan origination industry is undergoing rapid transformation, driven by technological innovation, and changing customer expectations. Here are some of the key trends shaping the industry:

  1. Digitalization: Lenders are increasingly turning to digital platforms to automate the loan origination process. This allows them to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the customer experience.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: AI is being used to automate manual processes and make the loan origination process more efficient. AI-powered platforms can perform tasks such as credit analysis and document verification, freeing up human loan officers to focus on more complex tasks.
  3. Customer Experience: The loan origination process is becoming more customer-focused, with lenders using digital platforms to provide a seamless and convenient experience. Customers expect to be able to apply for loans from anywhere, at any time, using their mobile devices.
  4. Data Analytics: Lenders are using data analytics to better understand their loan portfolios and make informed business decisions. Data-driven insights can help lenders identify trends and potential risks, allowing them to make proactive decisions about their loan portfolios.

As we believe we (ApPello) are on the right path, our platform combines cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface to provide a powerful solution that helps lenders to be more efficient, effective, and customer-focused. But we can see big challenges. Somehow, we must combine our AI platform into LOS and provide online decision and analytics aid to bankers, risk, and frontend users. Who knows, we might talk about next time how we integrated Open AI API set into our app.

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