Debt Collection System – Part #1

Mariann Harrison

Debt Collection System – Part #1

Keep up with the latest debt collection trends with ApPello’s Debt Collection Solution


Keeping the rapid changes in mind can be challenging and might result missing a date, being late from a meeting, forgetting an appointment. In some case it is inconvenient, in other cases you can lose money. Both banks and clients want to minimize the damage and the expenses as well.

ApPello’s Debt Collection System offers the technology to make debt collection processes simple but intelligent, easy to adjust but thoughtful, complex but not complicated.

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Digitalization everywhere

Debt collection is not an exception when talking about the importance of digitalization. The trends of 2022 – accelerated by the turbulence of the last few years – show that there are still areas that can be further digitalized. To collect the past due amounts of the loans offered by your Bank needs focus and toolset to reach out as effective as possible. This includes the application of the digital channels in debt collection. In comparison to traditional phone calls or personal visits, contacting via digital channels is more effective and faster. E-mails, in-app messages, push notifications are not just cheap, but it is very effective – and when considering the younger age groups, the only effective – reminders to the Clients.  ApPello’s Debt Collection solution supports digitalized communication possibilities with the easiest setup possibilities. Thus, it is ensured that no one is left untargeted while in delay with the payment.

Multichannel strategy

No matter how digital banking is, there is always need for traditional approach as well. The ApPello Debt Collection Solution offers the widest range of possibilities in order to help the Bank to collect past-due payments. The System is able to integrate with various platforms, such as traditional call center systems or be connected to serve classic postal services. The highly configurable templating functionality ensures the smoothest and most effective communication – based on the strategy of the Bank. Multichannel also means that multiple ways of communications can be sent to Clients at the same time, this might give the opportunity to the Bank to measure the effectiveness of the applied collection process and check if the champion-challenger method is performing better. The built-in dashboard and reporting functionalities support targeted focus on the business goals, such as the increase of kept rates, or decrease in the cost of customer contacts.


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