Debt Collection System – Part #2

Mariann Harrison

Debt Collection System – Part #2

Keep up with the latest debt collection trends with ApPello’s Debt Collection Solution

In Debt Collection Part #1 we introduced the advantages of the solution regarding digitalization, effective communication and automation. Let’s take one step ahead and meet other possibilities to make the most effective actions for the biggest debt collection challenges of 2022!

Automated outreach

Automation of tasks, including Client communication is also covered by ApPello Debt Collection System: the built-in Workflow Engine, the Decision Engine and the wide range of further setup possibilities all serve the minimalization of the need of human intervention unless it is really necessary. Non-human tasks can be configured in the System, recorded voice messages can be sent out to minimize administration – all according to the needs and possibilities of the Bank. These functionalities are configurable in ApPello’s low-code environment.

Personalized message possibilities

Being effective does not have to mean that your Bank can not run the extra mile. On the contrary, ApPello’s Debt Collection offers to be as targeted yet as personalized as ever. There are multiple possibilities to reach out to your client in a planned strategy and why not do it in the easiest way? Find the most fitting communication items, the best timing and make your clients feel important. We show you the shortest way to these features. Our document management, strategy builder, templating functionalities serve as a personalized complex contacting solution. Use the latest information available about the clients and their financial behavior to collect the debt effectively. ApPello’s Solution helps in gathering information and effectively using it in order to keep up to your goals!

Artificial intelligence in prediction

Future is present. Artificial intelligence is supplied by ApPello in various fields of finance, debt collection is no exception! ApPello is ready to design and apply models that support either the most effective communication to the administration of the debt arrived to the Bank. Data is the biggest value of the Bank, so use it right! Find out the patterns and the exceptions of the payment (or non-payment) schemes and the most effective methods to accelerate the willingness to pay. Using artificial intelligence in any phases of the workflow and more: ApPello AI is ready to be applied.

We are sure these challenges are familiar to you and your company. ApPello is here to solve the issue!

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