Decision making made easy – Part #1

Mariann Harrison

Decision making made easy – Part #1

by ApPello’s Decision Engine

Automating decisions, running complicated calculations and utilizing multiple data sources throughout your processes often feels complicated.

Find the best fitting answer to your business-related questions in the post or create a new example by exploring our Decision Engine!

Many questions related to decisions can be raised, but the most important one would be to find the answer for your biggest challenges.


Let us know your challenges!

We are ready to answer your questions with the help of logical and mathematical expressions or rules.

Regardless the topic, the business goals, the team – ApPello’s Decision Engine helps you through the way. Find the most fitting offer by using your clients’ data form your own database, check eligibility by using integrated Credit Bureau data, validate ID numbers to check the validity of a document, evaluate the result of your company’s scoring system – to make a few examples from the most common business goals we already answered successfully.


We take care about your sensitive data!

Sensitivity, GDPR and different audit requirements might also be challenging to keep up with. But ApPello’s Decision Engine makes sure all rules and principles are met. Furthermore, in case our client is not allowed to share data, the model building, testing and going live is executed by ApPello without any actual data shared.


We help your way!

The Solution allows different approaches regarding its integration and modeling scenarios. The Decision Engine serves as a standalone module, that can be integrated to any Systems (for example Core Banking, Loan Origination, Collection, Trade Finance, applied either internally or by third party services), and the level of readiness is exclusively up to you. The Decision Engine can be implemented with ready-made configured models already adapted to the System, or totally blank (as a tool), with trainings for our client to be able to define the company’s business logic and policies without external (ApPello) intervention.


We really are flexible!

You have a ready model, but the ever-changing financial environment requires you to consider modifications? Not a problem with ApPello’s Decision Engine. We support modifications, A-B testing, building of champion/challengers to name a few of our examples for flexibility functions. Rebuilding models and calculation trees, modifying range of data used, or introducing a new scoring logic are executed smoothly by the Decision Engine just to make a few examples.


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