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The Decision Engine solution provided by ApPello is sector and product-independent, capable of efficiently managing business-related calculations of diverse complexities within a centralized platform. To expedite maintenance processes and automate essential business logic in banking operations such as pre-screening, scoring, monitoring, collection, and more, the solution is equipped with user-friendly features.

Empowering the Bank’s employees, the solution enables the creation and customization of business rules and decision logics through an intuitive graphical visualization interface. This eliminates the requirement for extensive IT knowledge, allowing non-technical users to easily build and modify rules as per their specific requirements.

By leveraging this robust Decision Engine solution, financial institutions can streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and effectively automate key processes while maintaining a high level of customization and control.

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Product Details

Our advanced engine is specifically designed to handle pre-screening, classical scoring, and a wide range of additional decision points. Its flexibility allows for the management of an unlimited number of different or similar decision logics, with the ability to differentiate them based on customer segments (including sub-segments), product variations, and more. Models can be easily distinguished by product, client sub-segments, or any input parameters. Versioning is supported, and test scenarios can be compared to live models using the champion-challenger approach.

With all parameters considered as base parameters, the system facilitates the mass upload of data components via Excel files, ensuring seamless data integration and management.

The built-in decision tree functionality empowers users to analyze results and obtain crucial information regarding approvals or rejections. The Decision Engine can function as a stand-alone solution or seamlessly integrate with other ApPello systems like Loan Origination and Debt Collection, as well as other compatible solutions.

Additionally, the Decision Engine offers capabilities such as providing alternative loan offer combinations, dynamic checklist generation, and pricing. It extends its usefulness beyond loan origination, offering value in monitoring and collection strategy development.

ApPello’s Decision Engine is a versatile tool that brings efficiency, insight, and flexibility to your decision-making processes, whether it’s for loan origination, monitoring, or collections.
Decision Engine is a technologically crafted innovative tool, based on our modern, low-code microservices platform.


Appello decision engine

Configurable Decision Engine with Business Rule Management

Appello Visualization

Graphical visualisation of business logic

Basel II III

Supports financial functions and Basel II, III indicator calculations

Appello Versioned

Models can be versioned, test/live models can be compared

Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and reporting tools ensure process efficiency for lower operational and credit risk

Appello Without coding

Quick implementation and configurable business logic without need for coding

data processing

The strength of ApPello Decision Engine lies in its inherent openness and flexibility. Our Solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with various existing systems within the bank, as well as external data sources, allowing for efficient data gathering required for the rating and scoring process. The output generated from the rating or scoring workflow can be easily utilized by any connected application, ensuring widespread accessibility and usability.

For instance, the Solution can evaluate, score, aggregate, and assess data from the Loan Origination Solution or individual parameter tables using the ApPello Decision Engine. XML files received from the Loan Origination Solution are efficiently managed by the Engine, with the processed data returned in the same format. In the face of frequent regulatory and environmental changes, our system is adaptable, capable of assigning new tags to new variables through a configurable interface, and accommodating expanding XML structures.

Through the evaluation process, the Decision Engine provides clear answers and relevant information regarding further workflow steps within the Loan Origination System. This includes acceptance, rejection, manual review, as well as mitigation strategies like surcharges, guarantees, or coverage options. By reducing operational risk and enhancing efficiency, our Solution empowers organizations to make informed decisions while streamlining their loan origination processes. The openness and flexibility of our Application, combined with the capabilities of the Decision Engine, create a powerful solution that optimizes operations, mitigates risks, and improves overall efficiency for banks and financial institutions.

Appello Flexible

scorecard definition

With the Decision Engine, scorecards can be easily created and maintained, providing a robust framework for evaluating creditworthiness. The flexibility of the system allows questionnaires and scorecards to be adjusted periodically to align with regulatory requirements and changes in credit policies. Users have the ability to parameterize all rules simultaneously within the process, ensuring efficient management and customization.

Scorecards can be defined for various client segments, as well as different loan products and purposes, including pre-scoring and client scoring. Existing scorecards can be duplicated and modified to create different versions, allowing for tailored assessments based on specific criteria. This versatility empowers financial institutions to adapt their scoring methodologies swiftly, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations and aligning with changes in credit policies. By utilizing the Decision Engine, institutions can effectively evaluate credit risks, enhance decision-making processes, and optimize lending strategies to better serve their clients’ needs.


Challenge your
calculation models

ApPello Decision Engine is a robust tool designed to empower organizations to challenge their existing practices and construct various models that can be versioned and compared. With the ability to compare test scenarios to live models, the Decision Engine enables comprehensive testing and validation.

To facilitate easy testing, the system offers a convenient option to import test data in bulk using an XML data structure. You can download the XSD schema to generate the required XML data structure, simplifying the testing process. The imported test data can then be run through calculation trees for validation or fine-tuning purposes. This feature enables thorough testing of different scenarios and allows for adjustments based on the results.

Additionally, the Decision Engine supports portfolio-based testing and champion-challenger modeling, further expanding the testing capabilities. These functionalities provide a comprehensive framework for evaluating different strategies, making informed decisions, and optimizing the overall performance of your models.


Appello Decision Engine


The Decision Engine offers parameterized data models, processes, and rules, empowering bank experts to create new questionnaires and scoring models for new products or client sub-segments. Modifying the logic or parameter board is made simple, as the system allows for the addition of new parameters, cloning, inactivation/activation, or archiving of old ones, without the need for vendor or IT intervention. This user-friendly system puts control in the hands of the bank, enabling easy management and customization.

Defining, testing, and evaluating scorecard rules has never been easier with the Decision Engine’s decision tree feature. This visual representation of the entire decision process provides a clear understanding of the logic flow. The system’s calculation and evaluation logic is highly flexible, capable of managing multiple logics simultaneously through the versioning function. This allows for different interest rates or conditions to be applied within the same product, such as in a campaign scenario. The Decision Engine empowers banks to swiftly adapt and tailor their scoring models to meet changing market demands and optimize decision-making processes. With its user-friendly interface, flexibility, and comprehensive evaluation capabilities, the system enables banks to stay agile, improve risk assessment, and effectively manage various lending scenarios.

workflow support


Did you know that adding extra input fields to a loan application form can actually result in a bank losing potential clients?

To address this challenge, ApPello’s Decision Engine seamlessly integrates with a leading Workflow Engine, Camunda, and our Customer Portal. This powerful trio of tools offers a flexible solution for digital decision-making processes. With this integrated system, users have the capability to design and test new workflows within a matter of hours, significantly reducing development time.

One of the key advantages is the dynamic management of input templates. By analyzing the behavior of recently acquired clients, the system intelligently adjusts and customizes the input templates based on individual client preferences and needs. This ensures a personalized and streamlined user experience, improving client satisfaction and reducing the risk of potential clients abandoning the application process due to unnecessary or repetitive data entry. By leveraging the combined strengths of ApPello’s Decision Engine, the Camunda Workflow Engine, and our Customer Portal, banks can optimize their digital decision-making processes,enhance customer experience, and ultimately improve conversion rates. The flexibility and adaptability of this integrated solution empower banks to stay competitive and deliver efficient, customer-centric services.



For ALL segments &
complexity levels

The Decision Engine caters to both corporate and retail segments, offering flexibility in managing risk conditions. The system allows for the separation of risk conditions, associating them with specific sectors, and operating independently.

To accommodate the diverse needs of non-retail and retail sectors, the Engine provides support for complex calculations utilizing advanced statistical and mathematical functions. Risk experts within the bank can efficiently implement logic transformations or PD (Probability of Default) calibration, ensuring accurate risk assessment. Additionally, the system effectively manages various steps of the PD rating calculation, including model PD, overruled PD, decided PD, and more. It also facilitates expected loss calculations, providing a comprehensive risk evaluation framework. By leveraging the power of the Decision Engine, financial institutions gain the ability to effectively assess risk, implement customized risk conditions, and execute complex calculations specific to corporate and retail segments. This ensures accurate risk management, enhanced decision-making processes, and improved overall portfolio performance.

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