Digital transformation

Mariann Harrison

Digital transformation

Don’t let the digital transformation be your nightmare!

Reducing the number of branches is a trend that has been with us over the past decade. This process seems to be accelerating, in 2021 on developed markets 9% of branches were shut down within a year. The pandemic clearly has its mark on all sectors, retail banking is no exception. Shifting to a more digital approach and opening up more digital channels, enabling customers to access services without personal contact is a clear trend.

Providing a digital opportunity to a wide variety of products and information in a convenient way can easily result in competitive advantage. Building up or further developing the available channels of the bank is clearly a significant investment of time, resource and money. The question might come up: is it worth it? Can we trust that this trend keeps going on? The truth is, we do not know for sure, however we cannot overlook the fact in 2021, more than 40 percent of core retail banking sales was originated in digital channels.

Let’s see what are the corner stones of a customer portal that can encourage the banks and its clients to move towards digitalization.

Be present – online

ApPello’s Onboarding Portal gives the opportunity to offer an end-to-end loan origination solution of up to three parties: it can be used by the future client of your Bank, the Bank experts and any third parties including brokers (legal advisors, audit experts, and so on, if applicable) without the need to meet in person.

Not totally digital? Not a problem!

In case your Bank is not operating 100% end-to-end online? The ApPello Retail Loan Origination offers the highest flexibility to build up your processes. This includes the possibility to use the omnichannel approach: combine online and offline process steps according to your needs and possibilities.

Fast reactions are a must

The ever-changing financial environment requires the highest flexibility. Your processes are no exceptions however, ApPello’s Onboarding Portal and Retail Loan Origination offers convenience functionalities that ensure the fastest reactions regarding your processes, workflows, automatization possibilities and so on. The Solution is equipped with a built-in Workflow Engine and a Decision Engine, these serve the swiftness in keeping the business up-to-date and as digital as possible at any time.


Swiftness often means the need of reaction – but preferably without the involvement of too many experts. ApPello’s Retail Loan Origination is a low-code, configurable solution that enables Bank experts to configure several elements and functionalities within the System: fields, calculation logics (including offer calculation and scoring), workflow steps, automated decisions – all to support the smoothest online loan application experience.

Go digital! ApPello got your back…

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