Trade Finance experience by ApPello

Mariann Harrison

Trade Finance experience by ApPello

Learn the most important advantages of the
Back-End of ApPello’s Trade Finance Solution!
Enhance your Trade Finance experience by ApPello!

To keep up with the recent trade-related speed-up and the constantly changing financial environment the fastest decisions and actions are necessary to be taken.
The question is rather simple: How can we support our clients to be able to fulfil their trade finance needs?
Be the most flexible, the most well-organized and be ready to take actions quickly!
ApPello’s Trade Finance solution is ready to support your goals with the most handy and relevant functions you can use. The convenience is supported by the Client Portal and the Back-End application that cooperate hand-in-hand, and serves our clients even on the go.

Trade Finance – Part #2
Take a look at the “back”!

Be even SWIFTer

Apart from the convenient Portal features, further Back-End functionalities of SWIFT messaging allows users to experience the easiest and smoothest processing of messages. In the Back-End, authorized users are able to create SWIFT messages within the official, required format as the messages are split up and edited accordingly: the built-in autocorrection and automatic pre-filling function. Processing SWIFT messages without any manual touch is made easy and keeps users up-to-date.

Be notified

Not only SWIFT, but further message issuing notifications, supported by notification templates give users enhanced functions. Contact information, including previous messaging history, multi-language support (and preferred language), handling of attachments, and definition of the relevant message type. To mention a few potential features of the Trade Finance System that assist users to experience a simple and therefore effortless, but effective internal and external communication.

Be personalized

The Back-End of ApPello’s Trade Finance System enables users to focus on the most relevant information only. Own user profiles can be defined users see or edit exclusively the dedicated tasks, processes, messages or reports.

Financial institutions stored in the database can be assigned to different roles within different processes. For example: Bank A is an Applicant Bank in Process 1 while Beneficiary Bank in Process 2. Furthermore, it is possible to assign different products to dedicated sessions, specific contacts, as well as using dedicated functions based on different products. These features ensure that using the System is made relevant, safe and compliant at all times.

Be authorized

Apart from the convenience of a relevant and clear Back-Office profile setup in the System, the highest authorization expectations are also met in ApPello’s Trade Finance Solution. Authorized users are able to see the sensitive data, the ongoing processes and have the right to assign different tasks to further users. Visibility and editability of pages and tabs can be set, as well as dedicated transaction types can also be defined. Signatures and process terminations can only be applied exclusively by the required management level. 

ApPello Trade Finance is complete with Portal and Back-End functionality ensures that Trade Financing can be a positive user experience and at the same time the most effective solution within the market.

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