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ApPello proved to be a great partner to develop digital channels to our corporate customers.

ICT Development Directorate,
K&H Group

ApPello is the provider of numerous systems of vital importance to us. The Corporate LOS System, responsible for collecting data for Corporate credit applications and scoring serves as the backbone of our corporate lending process.

The Real Estate Valuator System, the Core Banking System: Account Management, Loan Account Management, Collateral Management for our Mortgage Bank and the Collateral Management System for whole operation (Retail, SMI and Corporate) are key for managing the risk associated with secured lending.

Our satisfaction is greatly driven by their good quality, flexible and innovative software as well as our favourable experience with support, proven over the course of a long-term relationship.

K&H Group

ApPello is a long term, trusted partner, that we could always count on.

Anchau János
Head of Global Banking Services, UniCredit Bank

With the shift towards supply chain finance from traditional trade, increasing compliance requirements, and accelerated expectations from corporate clients, UniCredit Bank Hungary required to deliver new capabilities and products at speed.

We found ApPello as a strong and innovative partner in this. The solution delivered was an important enabler to increase the trade finance revenues significantly by automation and scaling up our business. Alongside the Trade Finance automation, Early warning & Monitoring system supports proactive management of our credit portfolio, with that contributing ultimately to the excellent quality of our credit portfolio.
We have seen highest delivery standards and continuous drive for customer satisfaction evidenced in all our interactions.

UniCredit Bank

Working with ApPello, we’re building a credit infrastructure that allows us to maintain our market leadership position and grow our business.

Executive Director,
Deputy CEO IT & Operating, Erste Bank

We needed a partner that could support our systems consolidation initiative in order to fuel our regional growth strategy.

We selected ApPello’s Digital Collateral and Valuator Platform because of its rich, tried & tested and specialist lending knowledge, rather than develop a system in-house or partner with other core system vendors. We greatly appreciate ApPello’s innovative approach of the delivered products, we believe we have got long term partnership with ApPello.

Erste Bank

ApPello continues to be a trusted partner for CIB Bank

Sante Cusimano CIB Bank

CIB Bank Ltd.
Member of Intesa Sanpaolo Group Chief Operating Officer
Member of CIB Management Board

ApPello has been working with CIB Bank (Intesa Sanpaolo Group) since more than 15 years, providing the Cashier system, a “branch teller” solution, built in the Bank’s framework, as well as some smaller developments.

In order to improve our credit system, in 2022 we chose to implement ApPello’s Valuator system, already in production at multiple banks in Hungary and Romania. On top of the core functionality of distribution of valuation requests, preparation of reports by external parties in the system and management of the valuation process, we have started to use new features, like mobile application and statistical valuation as well. Implementation finished successfully, and the system went live in August 2023.

We appreciate ApPello products as innovative, good quality, reliable and especially because they require an easy maintenance.

CIB Bank

ApPello has proven to be reliable, flexible and innovative partner.

Tribe Lead,
Komercní Banka

Komercní Banka decided to implement new Trade Finance software solution as well as to create a new Customer Portal to further strengthen its position as the leading provider of Trade Finance services in the Czech Republic.

After a very thorough and competitive selection process, Komercní Banka has chosen ApPello as its supplier because of the flexibility and future proof design of ApPello’s system.

The Solution was delivered on time despite some constraints caused by Covid restrictions and it meets the highest expectations of the Bank. The ApPello team was always available to address inquiries from Komercní Banka and ensured smooth implementation.

The solution is now live and we have received very positive feedback from our customers as well as from bank staff. I am pleased to confirm that ApPello has proven to be reliable, flexible and innovative partner.

Komercní Banka

As one of the leading players in the Hungarian housing savings and lending market, we consider it is very important to be among the leaders of business IT as well.

Member of the Board,

We place great emphasis on the selection of our IT vendors for the renewal of our systems.

Appello has proven to be a great choice, they delivered a solution to support our valuation process. Our main business goals were creating a transparent business process and reducing  lead time. Appello’s solutions, products  and the expertise of its experts have helped us to reach our business goals. The system has been delivered on time and we believe hopefully we have established the foundation of a long-term cooperation.


I am delighted to share my overwhelmingly positive experience regarding the implementation of the Appello Cashier System at MBH Bank. The entire process has been a resounding success, greatly enhancing our operations and delivering exceptional results.

Roland Pecsenye MBH Bank
Chief Digitalization Officer,
MBH Bank

From the initial planning stages to the final go-live, Appello demonstrated an unparalleled level of expertise and professionalism. The team took the time to thoroughly understand our unique requirements and seamlessly integrated the Cashier System into our existing infrastructure. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail was evident throughout the entire implementation journey.

The user-friendly interface and comprehensive training ensured a smooth transition for our staff. Appello’s support and post-implementation assistance minimized disruptions. The system’s speed, accuracy, and security measures improved our customer experience, while robust reporting and analytics capabilities provided valuable insights. We highly recommend Appello for their reliable and efficient cashier system solution.

MBH Bank

Thanks to our new mortgage banking software implemented by ApPello in 2018, we have managed to significantly optimize the processes related to the collateral registry required by mortgage banking laws.

Máriás György KH
Head of Operation,
K&H Jelzálogbank Zrt.

The mortgage banking software package includes the Mortgage Banking Core module, the Account Management module, the Loan Management module, and the Collateral Management module. Through these, the software offers comprehensive functionality for the registration of collaterals for mortgage bonds, including the management of refinancing loans (disbursement, maturities, etc.), as well as the registration of assets belonging to supplementary collaterals and, from 2023 onwards, the liquidity buffer.

As a refinancing bank, it is important for us that the system supports the management of the refinanced retail mortgage loan portfolio and real estate related to these loans. This includes the processes of offering, receiving, and returning loan portfolios, as well as tracking their changes during refinancing.

The system generates reports required by law and assists in managing related documentation. It allows for the creation of custom reports and analyses tailored to specific needs, facilitating decision-making and more efficient operation.

The software not only supports the work of the Mortgage Bank but also significantly contributes to asset inspection activities. Based on the information received from the system, the Asset Inspector can conduct inspections and provide permissions and approvals.

The system features a user-friendly interface, suitable for reducing administrative burdens and thereby promoting more efficient operation.

Since the introduction, the ApPello team has been effectively managing any issues arising as well as regulatory changes, successfully resolving them through operation support or development.

K&H Jelzálog Bank