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Introducing the ApPello Trade Finance System—a cutting-edge front-end and back-end solution designed to seamlessly support documentary transactions and all associated events, catering to both export and import processes. This innovative system covers financial instruments, including letters of credit, bank guarantees, and documentary collections, making it the most reliable, user-friendly, and adaptable platform available.

Whether you’re engaged in export or import activities, the ApPello Trade Finance System stands as your trusted companion, simplifying the complexities of trade finance and empowering you with unparalleled efficiency and control. With its seamless integration and intuitive interface, you can navigate through various transactions effortlessly, knowing that every step is supported by a robust and sophisticated framework.

Rest assured, the ApPello Trade Finance System is designed to exceed your expectations, providing the highest level of security and accuracy to safeguard your transactions. Embrace the future of trade finance with confidence, as this system redefines excellence and sets new standards in the industry. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and welcome a new era of seamless trade finance management with the ApPello Trade Finance System.

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Product Details

Experience the future of trade finance with the ApPello Trade Finance System, a revolutionary platform that sets new standards in automation. Equipped with a cutting-edge in-built SWIFT engine, advanced correspondence and template handling, and meticulously defined workflows, this system achieves the pinnacle of efficiency. Complex transactions become transparent and seamless, eliminating unnecessary hurdles and reducing operational risk.

The ApPello Trade Finance System is the ultimate time and effort saver, streamlining processes that once consumed valuable resources. Now, your team can focus on strategic initiatives and high-value tasks, knowing that routine operations are executed flawlessly by the system’s intelligent automation.

But that’s not all – this exceptional system not only excels in the backend but also offers an outstanding and convenient Front-End for customers. Empowering your clients to effortlessly access their transactions and seamlessly communicate with the bank, the ApPello Trade Finance System elevates the overall customer experience to unprecedented heights.

Embrace the future of trade finance automation with confidence and take your operations to a whole new level of excellence with the ApPello Trade Finance System. Trust in its capabilities to unlock unparalleled efficiency, transparency, and convenience, giving your organization a competitive edge in the dynamic world of trade finance.

The Trade Finance System is a technologically crafted innovative tool, based on our modern, low-code microservices platform.



Complemented front-end and sophisticated back-end


Work flow driven processing of L/Cs, Guarantees and Documentary Collections


Up to date SWIFT interface



Discover the cutting-edge power of ApPello’s Digital Platform, a comprehensive solution encompassing both front- and back-end capabilities. Seamlessly bridging the gap between the bank and its customers, this platform revolutionizes communication and empowers efficient management of transactions, all while ensuring a smooth user experience.

Here’s what the ApPello Digital Platform brings to the table:

Enhanced Customer Communication: Forge exceptional relationships with customers through the platform’s outstanding communication features. From transaction initiation to updates, document uploads, and access to transaction history, the bank gains unparalleled connectivity with its clients, fostering transparency and trust.

Real-time Visibility: Embrace agility with real-time updates at your fingertips. Any product or workflow configuration changes are instantly visible on the customer portal, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page, providing clarity and avoiding confusion.

Unmatched Customization: Tailor the platform to meet your unique requirements effortlessly. Users can easily configure screen layouts across all channels, execute validations, modify calculation rules, and even revamp the entire workflow as needed. The platform bends to your will, adapting to your business’s specific needs and ensuring maximum efficiency.

Compliance Simplified: Staying compliant with upcoming regulations and meeting business expectations becomes a breeze with the ApPello Digital Platform. Its unparalleled flexibility empowers you to configure fields and data tables without any additional development, saving time and resources while ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. Embrace the future of digital banking with ApPello’s state-of-the-art platform. Transform your customer interactions, streamline operations, and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving financial landscape. With ApPello’s Digital Platform, you’re equipped to thrive in the digital era, unlocking new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

E2E process


Welcome to the ApPello Trade Finance System—a comprehensive solution engineered to provide unwavering support for every aspect of your export and import journey. From managing letters of credit and letters of guarantee to handling documentary and clean collections, this cutting-edge system has you covered, ensuring seamless and efficient transactions throughout the process.

Embracing an end-to-end workflow, the ApPello Trade Finance System creates a harmonious ecosystem that connects all parties and departments involved in the trade finance process. Say goodbye to disjointed operations and welcome a synchronized approach that enhances collaboration and streamlines communication among stakeholders.

With the ApPello Trade Finance System at your side, you can navigate through the complexities of international trade with confidence, knowing that every step is backed by a robust and intelligent framework. Trust in the system’s capabilities to optimize your trade finance operations, enhance visibility, and elevate the overall efficiency of your trade-related events. Embrace the future of trade finance management with the ApPello Trade Finance System and unlock the full potential of your import and export endeavors. Experience a seamless, transparent, and interconnected trade finance ecosystem that sets new standards in the industry, empowering you to thrive in a global marketplace.

process handling

process handling

Experience the true power of ApPello’s versatile system, seamlessly supporting both front-end and back-end processes with exceptional prowess. With a focus on delivering unparalleled efficiency, our system takes charge of the entire lifecycle of each transaction, expertly managed by dynamic workflows that are further amplified by advanced analytics.

Through the integration of cutting-edge analytic options, ApPello’s solution elevates trade finance to a whole new level. Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions, all while enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes. At ApPello, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to optimize trade finance operations. Our comprehensive solution encompasses every aspect of your trade finance needs, presenting you with a myriad of opportunities for improvement. Embrace the future of trade finance with confidence, knowing that ApPello’s system has your back, guiding you towards enhanced performance and success. Trust in our capabilities to deliver excellence and innovation at every turn, and unlock the true potential of your trade finance processes.


SWIFT messaging

Discover the ApPello Trade Finance System—a masterfully crafted solution that seamlessly aligns with all SWIFT message formats for letters of credit, guarantees, and documentary collections. Embracing the latest industry standards, our system ensures effortless integration with SWIFT messages, streamlining your trade finance operations like never before.

From the instant incoming SWIFT messages arrive, our system springs into action, automatically processing them with precision and efficiency. Witness the magic unfold as transaction details from the messages seamlessly populate the bank user’s dashboard, becoming an integral part of the smooth workflow.

In pursuit of an unparalleled user experience, our system goes above and beyond, generating outgoing SWIFT messages automatically. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace the era of streamlined efficiency, where our system handles the intricacies of SWIFT messaging with ease, ensuring nothing but the utmost accuracy and compliance. With the ApPello Trade Finance System, you’ll witness a transformative shift in how you manage trade finance. Empower your team with advanced automation, impeccable SWIFT integration, and a flawless workflow—unleashing a new era of efficiency and precision in your trade finance endeavors. Trust in ApPello’s expertise to elevate your operations, ensuring seamless communication and transaction processing every step of the way.


Comprehensive handling
of all transaction types

ApPello Trade Finance System is a comprehensive solution that offers all-around support for every trade finance instrument, making export and import scenarios effortlessly manageable. Our system empowers you to navigate through a wide range of trade finance possibilities, ensuring seamless handling of various instruments.

The system provides a comprehensive suite of trade finance solutions to cater to the diverse needs of businesses engaged in international trade. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of products, from the standard offerings of Letters of Credit (LCs), Bank Guarantees (BGs), and Documentary Collections (DCs) to more specialized instruments like Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs). We also handle complex processes such as L/C confirmation and transfer, shared guarantees, counterguarantees, and issuance of guarantees based on received counterguarantees.

Beyond instrument support, our system’s functions extend to processing all payment types and accommodating every possible bank role within the transaction. Embrace the flexibility and efficiency of a solution that leaves no aspect of trade finance untouched. With the ApPello Trade Finance System at your disposal, you can confidently handle any trade finance scenario that comes your way. Trust in our expertise and robust technology to streamline your operations, eliminate complexities, and ensure seamless management of trade finance instruments, regardless of the scale or intricacy of your transactions. Embrace the power of ApPello’s system and unlock a new level of excellence in the world of trade finance.

reports and documents management

Report & document

ApPello Trade Finance System, where advanced tools empower you to create customized Advice and Reports effortlessly. Our template-based generation tool is designed with versatility in mind, allowing you to tailor these essential documents to your specific needs with ease.

With the widest accessibility in mind, our system defines the templates for advice, reports, and document generation in the most popular formats. Advice templates are crafted using MS Word, providing a familiar and user-friendly interface for creating and modifying content.

The flexibility doesn’t end there – generating reports is a breeze with our template-based tool. Alternatively, back office users can export the information they see on their own user interface to either XLS or PDF formats, offering seamless compatibility and convenience.

To further enhance your document management experience, our system efficiently stores and retrieves all generated documents, ensuring easy access whenever you need them. With the ApPello Trade Finance System at your disposal, you can revolutionize the way you generate and manage Advice and Reports. Trust in the system’s user-friendly features and powerful capabilities to streamline your operations and deliver unparalleled efficiency in document handling. Embrace a new level of customization and convenience as you navigate trade finance with confidence, knowing that ApPello has you covered every step of the way.

flexible fee structure

fee structure

Experience the unmatched flexibility of our solution’s highly configurable fee module. Empowering you to tailor fee structures to your precise requirements, this feature is a game-changer in trade finance management. Every aspect of fees, from setting them up to grouping them into packages, can be fully customized to suit the needs of specific clients or groups of clients.

With our fee module, you can effortlessly define various types of fees and establish fee packages that align perfectly with your business model. This allows you to provide personalized fee conditions to individual clients or tailored offerings for specific client groups, ensuring a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all fee structures. Our solution adapts to your unique workflow steps and product types, enabling you to create differentiated fee structures based on the transaction’s input values. This level of customization ensures that fees accurately reflect the intricacies of each trade transaction, maximizing transparency and customer satisfaction. Unlock the power of ApPello’s configurable fee module and transform the way you manage trade finance fees. Embrace the freedom to adapt, innovate, and optimize your fee structures, elevating your trade finance operations to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. With ApPello’s solution, you’re equipped with the tools to stay ahead of the competition and thrive in the dynamic landscape of trade finance.

reports and documents management


In ApPello Trade Finance System, automation reigns supreme as we generate posting items automatically for a myriad of relevant objects, including Fees, Payments, and Settlements. What’s more, we’ve taken it a step further by incorporating Off-balance posting, allowing for even more comprehensive financial management.

Keeping track of all your accounting transactions is a breeze – having these sorted into Tabs allows for an effortless user experience and provides a great control and possibility to find each entry and see its impact.


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