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AI Engine for

ApPello’s AI Engine is a unique end-to-end modelling platform, that enables the rapid design and deployment of high performing AI models. The platform serves multiple scenarios across business units and helps institutions to make faster and smarter decisions.

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Product Details

ApPello’s AI Engine allows organizations to easily use modern AI prediction models without the need for a large group of Data Scientists.

This world-class predictive analytics software serves several business scenarios and enables centralised tracking and management of all models.

AI Engine for Lending is a technologically crafted innovative tool, based on our modern, low-code microservices platform.

AI portfolio

to buy

The solution identifies potential additional customers who are likely to engage for a business offering, giving a competitive edge on the market. Using ApPello’s AI Engine for building propensity to buy models will help to minimize marketing expenditure, maximize  potential for the addition of new customers and allows  efforts to be concentrated on groups that matter most to a business.


Besides credit risk, fraud risk is a significant factor of credit losses for a lending business. Fraudulent clients behave differently regarding frequency, concentration, severity of cases. AI is a perfect tool to detect fraudulent cases. Incorporation an AI based fraud prevention logic into the credit application process improves portfolio quality and supports validation and underwriting units.

Collection optimization

ApPello’s AI Engine helps to optimize end-to-end monitoring and collection processes and identifies delinquent customers significantly faster than traditional business models. It can instantly recommend actions based on the analysis of a customer’s behaviour and risk profile.
The customized collection process eventually results greater efficiency in average collection time and a reduction in unnecessary costs.


Efficient acquisition is only the first half of client protfolio growth. Retention is at least as important as acquisition. Investigating churn reasons and building an AI based churn prediction model can support business to improve client retention efficiency.
An improved AI based retention framework can even provide a best offer for the bank to prevent churn.



Increased sales and retained customers, reduced risk
ApPello’s AI Engine serves a large variety of functions, from credit risk to propensity to buy and churn modelling

Cost reduction

Reduced development and implementation costs
Our intuitive low code/no code environment and AutoML functions do not require a large group of Data Engineers

Appello fast react

Rapid model development
AI models can be built quickly and easily and then deployed instantly, saving time and resources


Flexible integration and fast deployment
ApPello’s AI Engine can be integrated easily to any platform so there is no need to change legacy systems or applications.

Decision engine

Automated ML models
AutoML helps to build and select the best performing models to allow smarter decision making.

Appello Without coding

Low code/ no code environment
The low code/no code platform doesn’t require any special programming knowledge.

Process of
AI Engine

Import, explore & transform data

  • Data import
  • Data exploration/profiling
  • Data Transformation
  • Variable analysis
  • Feature engineering

Create and compare models

  • Setting target variables
  • Sample Splitting
  • Model selection
  • Model parameter setting
  • Analyse results and performance

Interpreting models

  • Charts, graphs, tables, ect.
  • Explaining model algorithms
  • Auto documentation

Deploying models

  • Auto decisioning
Predictive analytics


ApPello’s AI Engine supports any kind of predictive analytics scenario. Simply create your business use case and let our world-class predictive modelling framework help you to make the best decision.  Credit Scoring,  Propensity to buy modelling or Churn modelling are only a few of the large number of business scenarios which have already been successfully tested and deployed within our platform.


Data management

Data sources

The platform allows data to be loaded directly from data warehouses, cloud or any kind of external files. Flexible connection ensures the essence of the machine learning process, the continuous learning and optimal decision making.



Building reliable machine learning models can take up significant time and resources.  ApPello’s AI engine simplifies the modelling processes by creating a low code/no code environment, where experts can quickly and easily parameterise and run AI models resulting in a significant reduction in the cost of development and implementation.




Organizations are keen to make the best possible decisions. ApPello’s AI Scoring platform enables users to compare models’ performance indicators side by side, then choose and deploy the best performing option.

Furthermore, we can  track the lifecycle and monitor the performance of each model and intervene at the right time if necessary.



ApPello’s AI Engine can be deployed anywhere, so it won’t require replacement of or amendment to legacy systems or the purchase of narrow AI applications. Simply deploy your models in your existing CRM, Loan origination or Monitoring systems and enjoy the benefits of your new intelligent application.

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