Insights from Financial IT 2024

Mariann Harrison

Insights from Financial IT 2024


Embrace the Future of Banking with ApPello: Insights from the Financial IT 2024 Conference

The Financial IT 2024 conference, now in its 12th year, brought together top banking executives, IT decision-makers, leading consultants, fintech gurus, and key banking IT suppliers to discuss the hottest trends in banking IT. This prestigious event delved into not only technological innovations but also the business aspects of banking digitalization. From IT spending to efficiency improvements and artificial intelligence, every critical topic was covered.

At the conference, one of the standout presentations came from Péter Csányi, Deputy CEO of OTP Bank. He highlighted that the banking sector is the largest spender on digitalization, with a staggering $564 billion spent globally on technological developments in 2023 alone. Despite this massive investment, a survey of over 1,300 companies revealed that only 31% of digital transformation projects deliver the expected revenue growth, and just 21% achieve the anticipated cost savings.

Many banks overestimate the business impact of digital transformation while lacking the capacity and competence to execute effective business development. Successful banks, however, achieve significantly better shareholder returns and create a widening gap between digital leaders and laggards. World-class digital banks release 500-1000 updates monthly, with a time-to-market of 2-4 weeks, compared to 8-26 weeks for average universal banks.

  1. Mobile-Driven Operations: Mobile apps are becoming the primary interaction point between banks and customers, without diminishing the roles of branch networks or contact centers.
  2. Personalization through AI: Artificial intelligence enables highly segmented, personalized offers, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.
  3. Ecosystem Organization: Banks are transitioning from product-focused institutions to ecosystem-centric organizations, providing solutions tailored to customers’ life situations.
  4. Modern Banking Architecture: The shift towards cloud-based, microservice-oriented architectures is replacing large, monolithic systems, enabling quicker and more flexible development.

The question isn’t what needs to be done but how banks should approach IT transformation. While some banks build entirely new organizations under new brands, others, like OTP, are modernizing their existing structures. The modernization of core banking systems is a gradual but essential process.

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Péter Csányi emphasized that AI dramatically changes how we live, work, and the skills employees need. Generative AI is at the peak of its hype, with significant announcements every week. AI accelerates the extraction of valuable business insights from existing data. However, effective utilization of AI is crucial to avoid disillusionment. Remember, AI is a tool, not an end goal.

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