Trade Finance – now upgraded!

Mariann Harrison

Trade Finance – now upgraded!

Trade Finance Solution Upgrade

8 Steps of the Comprehensive Upgrade in ApPello Trade Finance Solution

We are glad to announce that we have completed a series of significant enhancements to ApPello Trade Finance Solution, designed to deliver greater efficiency, flexibility, and control to financial institutions. These upgrades address the evolving needs of banks and other financial institutions operating in the dynamic trade finance market.


Seamless automation
of off-balance sheet
liability records

New Identity

New generic product type entity in Trade Finance banking products

Appello Architecture

Structural evolution of the functionalities in the upgraded architecture

Appello Top Technology

Top technology,
latest version of
the WebDP platform

Appello Fee Calculation

Fee Calculation
process in
Decision Engine

Appello Automatic periodic fees


Appello Price list

Individual Price List handling mechanism

Appello Auto batch job

batch jobs
for fee accruals

  1. Our enhancements to the ApPello Trade Finance System are multifaceted, introducing seamless automation of off-balance sheet liability records and their corresponding accounting on General Ledger accounts. In tandem, we’ve streamlined related back-office processes for heightened efficiency.
  2. While our existing repertoire already encompassed standard Trade Finance banking products such as Letters of Credit, Guarantee, Stand-by LC, and Documentary Collection, we’ve introduced a new generic product type entity. This entity features simplified processes that transcend multiple subcategories, accommodating various Trade Finance banking products like reimbursement and forfeiting.
  3. A structural evolution is evident in the upgraded architecture, with certain functionalities strategically relocated to separate modules for enhanced modularity and maintainability.
  4. We’ve propelled the system to the top of technological sophistication by transitioning to the latest version of the WebDP platform. This comes complete with a contemporary design, diverse component types, and a markedly improved user experience.
  5. Our comprehensive upgrade extends to Fee Calculation processes. The rigid, hardcoded fee calculation has been moved within a dynamic Decision Engine, ensuring transparency, configurability, auditability, and simplified testing.
  6. Users now have the flexibility to establish automatic periodic fees at intervals such as monthly or quarterly, providing a new layer of convenience and predictability.
  7. Our commitment to user-centric design is further exemplified in the introduction of a more intuitive Individual Price List handling mechanism.
  8. To streamline financial processes, we’ve introduced automated batch jobs for fee accruals, empowering users with an efficient and hands-free approach to managing financial responsibilities.

The revamped Trade Finance Solution now boasts fully automated handling of off-balance sheet liability records and their corresponding accounting on General Ledger accounts. This streamlined process eliminates manual data entry, reduces operational errors, and enhances overall efficiency. Additionally, we have implemented related back-office processes to further streamline trade finance operations.

ApPello’s Trade Finance Solution now encompasses a new generic product type entity, characterized by simplified processes. This flexible entity can accommodate multiple subcategories, enabling the handling of a wider range of trade finance products beyond standard offerings, such as reimbursement and forfeiting. This expansion of product coverage caters to the diverse needs of financial institutions and their clients.

The Fee Calculation process was revolutionized within the Trade Finance Solution as well. The previously hardcoded fee calculations have been replaced with a Decision Engine-based approach, providing transparency, configurability, auditability, and enhanced testability.

Additionally, the system now enables automated setup of recurring monthly, quarterly, or other periodic fees, eliminating manual intervention and ensuring timely fee collection.

We have also enhanced the management of pricing schemes for various trade finance products with a more intuitive and user-friendly Individual Pricelist handling mechanism. This improvement enables financial institutions to easily define pricing structures for specific clients, allowing for flexible fee discounts and adjustments.

To further expand integrated fee processes, ApPello’s Trade Finance Solution now incorporates a robust fee accrual mechanism. This process automatically identifies and accrues fees that are associated with long-term trade finance transactions. By amortizing the fee throughout the transaction, financial institutions can reflect the true revenues from providing these services in their financial statements.

This automation reduces manual effort and improves overall efficiency.

ApPello’s comprehensive upgrades to its Trade Finance Solution demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation and addressing the evolving needs of the financial industry. These enhancements empower financial institutions to enhance their trade finance operations, optimize risk management, and gain a competitive edge.

By streamlining processes, expanding product coverage, and improving fee calculations and automation, ApPello’s Trade Finance Solution empowers financial institutions to navigate the complexities of trade finance with greater efficiency, flexibility, and control. These enhancements solidify ApPello’s position as a leading provider of IT banking solutions.

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