Enhance your Trade Finance experience by ApPello

Mariann Harrison

Enhance your Trade Finance experience by ApPello

Trade Finance experience enhanced by ApPello!

To keep up with the recent trade-related speed-up and the constantly changing financial environment the fastest decisions and actions are necessary to be taken.
The question is rather simple: How can we support our clients to be able to fulfil their trade finance needs?
Be the most flexible, the most well-organized and be ready to take actions quickly!
ApPello’s Trade Finance solution is ready to support your goals with the most handy and relevant functions you can use. The convenience is supported by the Client Portal and the Back-End application that cooperate hand-in-hand, and serves our clients even on the go.

Trade Finance – Part #1
Discover our Client Portal functions!

Be exhaustive

Data fields set up in ApPello Trade Finance System are completed by an ‘info’ section, to help users to receive instant hints and experience smooth administration processes. Task and process filtering, detailed task descriptions, possible actions, pre-defined clause functionality, and further actions including registering new partners, exporting data are all there to make your work more effective.  The system covers all kind of events such as Letter of Credit, Standby Letter of Credit, Document Collection, Clean Collection and Guarantees.

Be safe

ApPello Trade Finance System is built up on a compliant role- or management-level approach. In case multiple users are assigned to the same client or a client is involved in multiple businesses, each and every user is able to see and act exclusively according to the pre-set authorization level. The configuration of users or user groups can be set up easily, and modified later. The functions, possible actions, view or edit possibilities allocated to different users are listed and can only be changed by the ‘Main’ user(s). Safety, however is not limited to users, but the logging of all actions is also supported by the solution. Signatures are also based on authorization levels, and the number of required signatures can be set up accordingly. If a process is not complete, it cannot be forwarded to the next business state.


ApPello Trade Finance System automatically forms and corrects the SWIFT messages to meet the SWIFT standards: messages are split and autocorrected and thus they can be handled on smartphones and tablets. 

Be aware

All messaging within ApPello Trade Finance System is supported: apart from the SWIFT messages, any kind of notifications can be sent and received. The built-in templating functionality allows power users to prepare message or notification templates and thus save time and effort. Instead of typing, the list of the available templates can be selected by one tap or click, completed and sent out.

Being up-to-date is also ensured by the calendar functionality that reminds the users about tasks, deadlines, expiry dates or any other actions that helps to maintain a smooth trade finance business.

Follow us for Trade Finance Part #2 and look into the Back-End!

To learn more about the Trade Finance product: https://appello.eu/trade-finance/