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The ApPello Cash Optimisation solution leverages AI-based support to forecast cash transactions, encompassing both deposits and withdrawals.

This sophisticated system facilitates the precise allocation of optimal cash quantities to branches or ATMs, ensuring efficient distribution.

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The solution is able to create an automated, cost-efficient transportation plan to keep cash-handling costs to a minimum, ensuring liquidity and meeting other KPI’s. Proven and effective forecasting methodologies are applied to provide estimates for all cashpoints based on historical data. Optimised cash transport plans are also generated based on these estimations.The solution possesses the capability to generate an automated and economically viable transportation strategy, effectively curbing cash-handling expenditures while simultaneously guaranteeing liquidity and fulfilling designated KPIs.
Trusted and efficient forecasting methodologies are employed, leveraging historical data to provide precise projections for all cashpoints. This serves as the foundation for the generation of meticulously optimized cash transport plans.

The anticipated return on investment (ROI) can be readily anticipated through the comprehensive data trial offered by ApPello.

ApPello Cash Optimisation encompasses a suite of components, including cash forecasting, cash transportation optimization, monitoring, a simulation module, and a cash management dashboard.

The Cash Optimization System is a technologically crafted innovative tool, based on our modern, low-code microservices platform.


Cost reduction

Reducing the overall costs of cash, maintaining an optimal cash level at branches and in ATMs

AI based

AI based cash forecasting using Linear regression, spectral analysis, neural network

Portfolio analysis

Matching KPI’s: Out-of-cash events / year, Capacity limits, Cut-off times, ATM cashback

cash currencies

cash forecasting

The process of daily cash forecasting generates projections for anticipated traffic at every cashpoint, encompassing both cash-in and cash-out activities, whether at branches or ATMs. It is even capable of extending its foresight to cover monthly intervals, including the detailed distribution of transactions throughout each day. This forecasting relies on advanced and proven mathematical modeling techniques, drawing insights from your historical transactional records. The solution adeptly identifies underlying patterns within the dataset, enhancing its predictive capabilities.

The software is fortified with predefined algorithms, which include linear regression, spectral analysis, and neural networks. These built-in algorithms are inherently flexible, allowing customization to fine-tune accuracy for any specific cashpoint, ensuring optimal predictive performance.

Appello cash optimisation business environment

Appello Cash Optimization
 optimized cash supply

cash supply

Drawing from the forecast and real-time cash inventory, the Transport Optimisation Module formulates a suggested transportation strategy. This intricate algorithm is designed to factor in primary cost variables associated with cash management, encompassing elements like the potential interest loss due to idle cash at branches or ATMs.

These deliberated factors, including transportation expenses, cash handling fees, and insurance costs, are meticulously incorporated to shape an economically optimized transport proposal. The system’s agility is exemplified through its ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, ensuring the continual liquidity of each cashpoint. By maintaining a vigilant watch on cashpoint liquidity, order deadlines, and capacities, this mechanism guarantees seamless operations even in the face of unexpected events.


Cash traffic

The monitoring feature diligently assesses ongoing traffic by consistently comparing forecasted and actual data. In cases where notable disparities arise, the system swiftly identifies potential stock shortages at 15-minute intervals and can promptly suggest an emergency cash transport if warranted. A comprehensive overview of daily operations is conveniently available through a detailed and user-friendly dashboard, enabling effective and informed management.

Appello Cash Forecasting

Appello Data trial
Appello data trial

Data trial
to predict savings

ApPello commits to conducting a simulated Cash Optimisation scenario for banks expressing interest. Upon receiving a minimum of 1 year’s worth of historical transactional data pertaining to a designated array of cash points, the ApPello Cash Optimisation engine can orchestrate a simulation, grounded in the latest month’s available data, effectively emulating real transactions. By contrasting the factual expenses incurred with those projected by the simulation, a reasonably precise Return on Investment (ROI) can be readily computed. Within the System, banks can leverage the simulation module to gauge the potential impacts of alterations on all cash-related expenditures.

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