11th Global Banking Innovation Forum & EXPO – Experiences

Arpi Csipai

11th Global Banking Innovation Forum & EXPO – Experiences

ApPello participated at the 11th Global Banking Innovation Forum & EXPO on April 11th and on April 12th 2019 as a sponsor and also as a speaker. At the conference the newest trends in banking, innovations and new optimizing approaches were introduced. ApPello had proudly presented Lending Helper, our newest digital product.


Innovation is a new buzzword. Almost every company call themselves as innovative, or at least making innovations. But are they really doing them?

Let’s take a closer look at China market. In fintech industry operates company called Ant Financial with their world’s largest mobile and online payments platform Alipay. It is all-in-one lifestyle super-app. This app covers whole consumer’s life from buying and watching movies through buying stocks, booking hotel to even splitting a bill at the dinner. If this is not a customer-facing innovation, what then?


Blockchain is not a new thing, but regulators and countries themselves are thinking if and how to deal with blockchain. Should it be somehow regulated? Should they support it? EU Commission is preparing new legislation and unifying standards.

New trends

Many of banks are going through digital transformation nowadays. They start using big data which are defining future banking. Banks sees instant payments as a new trend.

But banks are also facing new uncertainties. They are preparing for PSD2’s deadline which will take place in September 2019. All requirements specified in Regulatory Technical Standard Articles will need to become effective.

And what are new trends at loan area?

We at ApPello are offering useful tools helping handling processes in Collateral, Loan origination and other loan connected areas. My colleague Jan Herian, Business Development Manager, presented our new cutting-edge tool called Lending helper offering new customer experience during loan application process. It has also strong utility for bank employees such as using Excel based template and Outlook plugin. This plugin allows easy recording and monitoring communication with clients and working with attachments.

Conference Takeaways

Conference outcome is pretty clear: Things are moving fast. Especially in customer experience area. New tools help improving it, but we can’t forget to key aspect. Keep customer data safe.

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