ApPello at Future Banking

Arpi Csipai

ApPello at Future Banking

We are proud to announce that ApPello will be speaker and exhibitor of the upcoming FUTURE BANKING Conference will be held in Bucharest on the 14-15 May, 2019.

As the financial industry is being dramatically transformed by technology and banks are under heavy stress to keep up the pace with FinTechs, on one side, and BigTechs on another side. Thus, traditional banks have to choices: embracing digital disruption or going the way of the dinosaurs.

Moreover, incumbent banks have to compete in a world that is mobile first and soon to be dominated by BigTechs, especially Internet platform-based conglomerates (Facebook, Ant Financial, Tencent or Google).

However, banks could find solutions to become faster, smarter and more efficient. Likewise, FinTechs have two choices: to befriend banks or to become their foes.

Come and meet us at this incredible conference where ApPello will speak about how to build a seamless customer journey in the loan process.

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