ApPello at Hypotéka

Arpi Csipai

ApPello at Hypotéka

ApPello will be premium partner and speaker of Hypotéka again this year, just like the previous ones. The event is organised in Prague on the 26th of September. All the leading representatives of the local mortgage and residential market are going to attend to share their expreiences and ideas about new regulations, growing competition, and expectations of changes in the business cycle.

This year we will deliver a dual presentation by two of our colleagues: Jan Herian and Martin Balint who is a new member of our Czech team! They will show you How to be agile in the implementation on banking solutions at 11:10 am, do not miss it!

We will held a very delicious cognac tasting at the event so it worths to join with us!

Let’s meet at the event! 

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