Decision making made easy – Part #2

Mariann Harrison

Decision making made easy – Part #2

We continue the guide-through ApPello Decision Engine to give you a glimps on some of further key features.


Let us rephrase ‘complex’!

Complexity is highly welcome in our Solutions – as we are ready to support any kind of logic to be implemented and used safely within our Decision Engine. From the definition of the fields to the result of the scoring, the low-code environment is completed by graphical visualization of your model. The easy-to-use functions, including intuitive expression builder and testing toolkit help the user to check the logical flow of the model. Correction and modification can be made straightaway with the help of the error messages displayed to point right at the problematic logic or expression. If a business goal needs multiple decision points or validations within one process, ApPello’s Decision Engine is the best to use!


Try without limits!

In case you have multiple ideas on your mind, have your test data ready, the System is ready to import them all at once, all you need to do is to switch to test mode, and check if it is the right model to use. Parameter tables can also be uploaded and referred to at any point of the process you set up. As change is the only constant feature – also in finance – not only amendments in calculations can be made but any business parameters can be modified by the user without limitation. The possibility to revert to earlier versions, however, are always there to let you return to a model applied earlier.


Use and let use!

We all know how handy our Decision Engine is, so it is designed to be used by multiple users and systems at the same time within the same company. It can be integrated via standard API to any existing internal or external systems, as the separation of models is an out-of-the-box feature, so is the multiple useability. Unlimited number of users can also be guaranteed access to the Solution. Besides versioning, input and output logging is also enabled, as well as the possibility to limit access to functions are granted to your business.


ApPello’s Decision Engine is ready to be explored! Contact us to learn more about our Solution!