It’s not just about implementing a new software

Mariann Harrison

It’s not just about implementing a new software

Author: Zsolt Lukácsi, Lead Business Analyst at ApPello

It’s not just about implementing a new software; it’s about taking it to the next level!

Investing into a new solution, whether it is a monolith or not, deployed into cloud services or not, it won’t solve all the problems at once. Tough way to start out, right? Well, it’s actually true, in most of the cases at least. Over the years I heard from many leaders in the banking sector the phrase,

„We need an IT solution to accelerate our processes and enhance our performance”

A well-designed software, which was built up on solid foundations, like ApPello’s Digital Platform, certainly could do the job, but is it really the first step? In the light of the experience acquired in the last 23 years we saw many examples that a new software implementation project must be initiated even before one single vendor walks through the door with a demo setup. You miss this step, and you missed the biggest advantage of the whole thing: Make real progress in your business, and get some leverage.

Why am I telling this? Just think about it!

If a company struggles on a daily basis with old and outdated processes, and the whole administration and sometimes even databases are never-ending Excel tables, it’s challenging to improve internal processes. Excel is a powerful and essential tool at many corporate institutes, but sometimes we forget real capabilities, and we start imagine things into Excel, which actually are not even exist. At a certain point, when the company lost in their tables, and the organization finally decided to invest into a new software to improve current processes, it’s very easy to think that the day is saved.

But where’s the mistake?

They want to invest in a solution that will boost their processes, which is the ultimate way to make the performance better, right? Not exactly. If you boost your outdated processes with a support of a modern software, the only thing you boosted up are your daily problems. It’s very challenging but the phrase „We used to work like this way” should be reconsidered constantly. It’s simple math. If you have issues on a daily basis plus you double or triple your transactions with a new software that is customized to your existing procedures, the problems are becoming double or triple as well.

Let us first to improve business processes and support it with a modern framework.

This particular order could be overwhelmingly effective, but incredibly expensive if a company choose the opposite. It’s very common, that RFP documents represents current business architecture, that should be supported by a new system. What’s more, it’s a K.O. criteria in many cases, which is in fact, a wrong approach. It’s proven by the many successful projects of ApPello, that these existing business processes can be challanged, what’s more, sometimes they have to be rechallenged during the implementation project. Even re-built some of them from the ground. We are ready to support you from the very beginning of a project, even from the very first moments of planning. Our analyst team have dozens of years of experience and we can guide you through the process improvement part and help to achieve the next success story of your company.

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